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Welcome to THE PODIUM - New Music Hub! We at World Projects are very excited about this new way of directly connecting composers with conductors and educators!

With THE PODIUM, composers and conductors can post new ideas for pieces, ask questions about the projects, accept and offer commissions, and connect to each other quickly and directly, without the middleman. And the best part is this service is completely free and available to all!

To post a new project or collaboration, click the "Add Topic" button in the Main Forum. Enter a title for the project, and in the box underneath, you can provide any details you want about the piece.

Composers, you may want to include information about what kind of piece you'd like to write, what target grade level you have in mind, any background information about the piece you want to provide, and even what you are looking for in a commission fee. Feel free to also provide a link to your website! If you are published with World Projects, please also include a link to your composer page on our website.

Conductors, you may want to include information about the size and ability of your ensemble, any instruments you want to highlight or avoid, a projected timeline for delivery, and what your commission budget is.

If you don't have a specific project in mind, feel free to browse the topics already posted and ask questions of the composer or conductor who posted them.  You may find the perfect project for your needs!

As always, please keep the discourse professional and respectful; we're all here because we love new music, so we're all on the same side!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at brett-abigana@world-projects.com. We hope you enjoy THE PODIUM - New Music Hub, and we look forward to helping you Explore the World of New Music!

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