A letter from one of our 2016 “Be Our Guest at Midwest” winners…

Dear Scott and Deb:

I know you are launching the “Be Our Guest To Midwest” campaign and as a recipient last year I wanted to send you another thank you for my experience. My time at the Midwest clinic in 2016 was the most incredible educational experiences I have ever had. As overwhelming as it was, being my first time there, I learned and saw more than I could ever have imagined. Being able to watch the Presidents Own Marine band in concert and in a clinic was one of the highlights. Here is why band directors need to “Be Your Guest”

· Amazing concerts to watch
· You are treated like a rock star by Scott and Deb
· The clinics are non stop learning that you can apply to your own students EVERYDAY
· Scott gives you cool tours of behind the scenes of the original Midwest Hotel and where famous pieces were premiered in concert
· Your students will be better because you went
· You will learn
· You will learn
· You will learn

I had such an amazing experience. I HIGHLY encourage everybody to experience this and many thanks to Scott Lang and Deb Gibbs for giving myself and other music teachers this opportunity.

You really are missing out if you don’t apply.

Lynn Lewis
Granite Bay High School
“Be Our Guest at Midwest” 2016


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