A Tale of Two Monarchs by Kevin Cato

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By Kevin Cato

It's a New Day! is the first of four movements from my narrative suite titled, A Tale of Two Monarchs, The Lion and the Butterfly. In the first movement, I wanted to cleverly play with the juxtaposition of definitions of the word monarch and illustrate musically the differences and similarities through an imaginative children’s story of how an uncouth lion meets a royal butterfly who ends up helping to save his family from dangerous hunters and developers seeking to reap the jungle of its’ natural resources. I sought to stylistically utilize French impressionistic elements throughout the piece and primarily employed the solo flute, woodwinds, and mallets to depict the butterfly characters. Likewise, I mostly called upon the low brass, woodwinds, string bass, and battery percussion to bring the lion characters to life.

The story begins as the sun rises and the butterflies begin to awake excited and ready for a new day of routine explorative adventures. The lions however are searching for direr reasons. The two main characters act as scouts for their respective groups. The curious Lion, looking for a new habitat for his Pride, is being pushed out by invading human hunters and developers. On the contrary, the royal Butterfly was simply over impulsive to explore new areas near his home disregarding his family and friends’ warnings. The two young monarchs met in the most comical of ways with the Lion sneaking up to get an up close and personal look at the unfamiliar butterfly. Though initially terrified by the spying Lion, the two become instant friends when the Butterfly realizes the Lion is surprisingly friendly and utterly goofy in nature. They proceed to embark on a two day animated adventure illustrating how two very different species become friends and unite to thwart the malicious plans of the hunters and developers who potentially threaten all the wild life in the area. It turns out to be a wonderfully magical and fascinating tale indeed!

Duration: 5 minutes
Grade Level: 3.5

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