And Yet, the Sun Rises by Brett Abigaña

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By Brett Abigaña

Grade Level: 4.5
Length: 5 minutes

The title of And Yet, the Sun Rises has several meanings. When I spoke to Matt Howe about the piece he wanted for this concert, he immediately suggested a kind of hymn of thanks. Among other things, the piece offers thanks for health, love, happiness, and peace, in a world so often lacking in all four. There is also an unseen pun in the title, as the word “sun” could easily be replaced by “son”. As such, the title also refers to the fact that whatever older generations do, undo, or, increasingly, DON’T do, the younger generation will rise to take its place, thereby righting some of the wrongs they see in the world. In a society paralyzed by fear, hatred, and inaction, I’m given hope by what my own students and indeed their entire generation have and will continue to accomplish for the betterment of the world, despite the obstacles placed in their way. May they continue to rise and use their voice to find the glory which has proven so elusive to those that came before.

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