Broken Moments by John Alan Carnahan

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By John Alan Carnahan

Grade Level: 4
Length: 6.5 minutes

“Broken Moments – He Pule No Ka Lahaina” (A Prayer for Lahaina) is a tribute to the people and lands of Lahaina, Maui. The devastating fire of Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 decimated the town of Lahaina leaving behind only shadows of what once was a beautiful and historic seaside town .

“Broken Moments – He Pule No Ka Lahaina” begins days after the fire with an eerie walk through the smokey, lifeless devastation of Lahaina. You hear the rumble of the Bass Drum which will represent the volcanic mountain Haleakala (The House of the Sun) and creator of the island throughout the piece. The tension builds to the ultimate realization of the complete destruction of all that was in the fire’s path. Icons of the town disappeared or were badly damaged, including the monumental 150 year-old Banyan Tree which miraculously survived and became 80% healthy. A true sign of rebirth for the town!

Following the initial turmoil and terrible loss, a solemn statement is heard bringing solace and honor to all of those who lost their lives and the lives of family and friends.

The quiet rumble of Haleakala is heard again as the traditional Conch Horn of Hawaii is sounded four times in the directions of North – South – East – West to begin the blessing of the land. The blessing is stated by a single solitary instrument. The sound of the ocean appears as the rising of the sun and a sign of the renewal of life. The chiming of the bells signal the restatement of the initial theme, this time in a very positive feeling.

The musical “He Pule No Ka Lahaina” of hope begins quietly. The prayer continues to build to a grand climax representing the ultimate triumph and renewal of the people of Maui over the unexpected “Broken Moments” of life.

Premiered at the 2024 Pacific Basin Music Festival by De La Salle / Carondelet High School Concert Band directed by Larry B. Colón

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