Closer to Home by Jeremy Van Buskirk

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By Jeremy Van Buskirk

The text for Closer to Home is taken from a hymn written by Norbert Čapek (1870-1942.) Čapek was born in Bohemia and later became the founder of the Unitarian Church in the Czech Republic. Čapek joined the Unitarian Church while living in the U.S. escaping unwanted government pressure over his political and religious views. He also worked to gain U.S. support for a free state of Czechoslovakia. After World War I, he returned to Prague and it’s at this time he founded his church. During World War II, Čapek was accused of treason and sent to the Dachau concentration camp. He was put to death in 1942.

The lyrics describe a traveler eager to the return home after a long journey. The journey is full of wonder and as it nears its end the anticipation grows. During the last stanza, Čapek reveals the story traces the traveler's journey through life and we
realize how far the they have come.

I need to thank Dr. Petr Samojský who is the current minster of the church Čapek founded in Prague. He provided me the text and the translation used in Closer to Home. I also need to thank Rev. David Horst for introducing me to Dr. Samojský as well as providing a great deal of personal support over many years. Lastly, thank you to World Projects, Eva Šeinerová, and Youth Choir Permonik for all of their hard work bringing this piece to life.

Closer to Home
Norbert Čapek
Translated by Dr. Petr Samojský
Adapted by Jeremy Van Buskirk

The distant sky glows red;
The day is taking its leave.
Night's shadow's rise from the trees;
Sending desire to sleep.
The day disappears in the sea of time, never to return.
One day closer to home.

Immersed in the peace of twilight;
Where hope knows no fatigue.
Hundreds of storms passed through the living;
Silencing all fear.
A wanderer contemplates her work
With wonder within the web of life.
This song returns to her lips.
One day closer to home.

Before she lay in her bed;
She looks over over the cost of the day.
“Everything is good, great God, which brings You nearer to me.”
This last evening she quietly sets her possessions aside;
With breathless delight she sings;
“I am going home.”

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