Paris² = Q.E.D. by Pierre Hafteck

June 28, 2022  |   Posted In

Paris squared cover artworkParis squared cover artwork


By Pierre Hafteck

Type: SATB Saxophone Quartet
Grade Level: 5

This short cross-over piece evokes what one could experience while going through your typical Parisian « square » (=small public park): its playground with children chasing each other or swinging, couples strolling, people relaxing or day dreaming, teens doing their math homework, pigeons suddenly flying off… and you seem to notice a few notes from one of Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies, played by a saxophone quartet under the gazebo.

Each sax quartet member gets the opportunity to shine –alone or in pairs. The piece requires some virtuosity from the soprano player and a good feel for (relaxed) swing. It was originally written as a duet for a couple of professional musicians (low A alto sax + cello).

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