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By Vince Oliver

The word “press” encompasses a few different meanings which found their way into the piece:

• The first and most obvious meaning is it accurately describes my feelings during the creative process — “pressed” to finish the piece. These feelings translate into the music with phrases that build intensely through rhythmic and harmonic density and dramatic variations in volume. I imagine myself on a train in Tokyo during rush hour. The over-crowded train forces travelers to smash up against each other with a limited amount of room to breathe. We arrive at the next stop. There is a brief, but short-lived sigh of relief when travelers exit. Soon enough though, the next wave of travelers immediately swarm into the train, leaving us crammed and short of breath again.

• Secondly, the term “press” refers to when a person formally dresses up, ironing or “pressing” their attire, and achieving a resplendently “pressed” look. (“With a healthy amount of swag” is another performance note that charmed its way into the

• The third meaning is the noun “press”. The media. Those responsible for our generational opinions (not really). The piece is certainly not about “the press” in any philosophical or political manner, and quite the opposite, I only used press clips of which I liked the articulated sounds of speech– regardless of content. This created an interesting rhythmic and textural quality for me.

Duration: 5 minutes
Grade Level: 4

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