Sonata for Solo Flute by Brett Abigaña

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By Brett Abigaña

Instrumentation: Flute Solo (Chamber)
Grade Level: 5

Solo Flute Sonata
Like most of my flute music, this was written for my sister Hilary. This is for unaccompanied flute, and each movement is written with a nod to a particular country. The first mvt. is French and is vaguely reminiscent of Debussy; the second is actually based on a Tuvanese folksong, so uses extended techniques to imitate throat-singing; the third is American and is a compositional improvisation, so I wrote it in one draft in one sitting in 15 minutes, just to see what would come out; the fourth is Italian in the style of the Pagannin caprices, but based on my sister’s favorite French Christmas carol; the fifth is Russian, and is actually the 1st movement played backwards.

I. Prelude

II. Dyngyldai

III. Improvisation

IV. Noel

V. Postlude

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