Symphony No. 3 by Brett Abigaña

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Symphony no. 3 - The Rose (Brett Abigaña)w_Page_01Symphony no. 3 - The Rose (Brett Abigaña)w_Page_01


By Brett Abigaña

Duration: 20 minutes
Grade Level: 6

Symphony no. 3 – The Rose was written for the Australian International Music Festival in 2016. It was also a birthday present for my wife, Nadine. The piece is for wind band, chorus, and organ, and its four movements present different aspects of love as described by four poems of W. B. Yeats. The first movement, To an Isle in the Water, explores a folk-like melody that always returns to a single note while an alto saxophone solo floats around the chorus. The second movement, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, is a scherzo, busily evoking the frantic energy of everyday life. The third movement shows a more maternal love with A Cradle Song. The fourth movement is When You Are Old and offers a vision of everlasting and maturing love, culminating in a slow, Mahlerian finale.

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