The Unconscious Bee by Brad Hart

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Hart - The Unconscious Bee_p1Hart - The Unconscious Bee_p1


By Brad Hart

Duration: 5 minutes
Grade Level: 6
String Quintet

The Unconscious Bee was written after a drive through Yosemite with my father. We had the unique experience of a bee hitting inside of the truck and landing on the dashboard. Upon assuming it was dead I took pictures, only of course to be shocked when it started to wake. My father reacted quickly by smashing it with a napkin and dropping it out onto the land. The piece takes you on a musical journey through this excitement. The first section moves with uneven rhythms and quick movements as the bee flew around gorgeous scenes. Suddenly the music stops, and we experience almost a hymn like section that mimics a sense of stillness amongst the beauty of the mountains. The third section returns to the quick motions of the first but does not last as long as the awakening of the unconscious ends quickly.

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