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By Justin Casinghino

Three Bay State Water Views is a triptych of movements for sting orchestra that was inspired by landscapes from the composer’s home state of Massachusetts. Beyond being musical impressions of each destination, the formal structure of the given movements is influenced by the bodies of water specified in the titles. Together, these three musical scenes offer memorable melodies, lush harmonies and exciting rhythms that come together in several fun and approachable ensemble challenges.

The Cape Cod Bay at Provincetown is in ternary structure with sea shanty-inspired outer portions and luxurious, sustained harmonies at its center. As the bay empties and refills, each section of the orchestra moves from jaunty contrapuntal lines to slowly evolving harmonies that arrive at an exciting ensemble climax.

The Stockbridge Bowl at Tappan House is a beautifully serene musical representation of a mountain lake, where the entire land descends into a single, peaceful body of water. This movement features rich harmonies and romantic melodies, and includes a prominent violin and cello solo at its center.

The Charles River at MIT is full of bustling energy, with an evolving rondo structure to stylize the urban river setting. Approachable multiple-meter rhythmic patterns, bouncy pizzicato grooves and singing melodic passages make this movement an exciting ensemble adventure. Each movement of Three Bay State Water Views can stand alone, but together, they are a multi-faceted musical landscape to be enjoyed by ensembles and audiences alike.

Duration: 14 minutes
Grade Level: 4

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