What Does the Future Hold? by Jinjun Lee

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By Jinjun Lee

Our present is glittering and brilliant. Our roads are bustling with traffic, the glass panels of towering skyscrapers glisten in the sun, and our city lights repel the gloomy darkness of the night. However, the glory of our civilisation is marred by our selfish pursuit of material wealth and power, our world and environment is being desecrated in the process. We fight over differences in belief and idealogies, instead of coexisting peacefully. Our future is uncertain. Perhaps we should take a step back, reflect on our current actions, so that we can then leap forward together as a human race, and finally make progress towards a brighter future.

What Does the Future Hold? is a musical gathering of my personal thoughts and concerns for our future. The above ideas have been represented by musical gestures such as the step down leap up motif, reflective lines, and moments of major-minor alternation to create the sense of uncertainty.

This piece is also the winning entry of the 2014 World Projects Composition Contest, and was premiered by the Riverside City College Wind Ensemble under the baton of Kevin Mayse at the Walt Disney Concert Hall as part of the Los Angeles International Music Festival.

Duration: 7 minutes
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