Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra is a grand scale event designed to enrich the lives of the student musicians who participate.

Encompassing 2008 musicians from 40 countries, the “B 2008 OO” has as a goal to support the Beijing Olympics goal theme of “One World, One Dream” and “Green and Human Olympics”.

The entity will perform tutti over the course of the two week performance run, also as three representative “hub orchestras” distinct in artistic flavor. Each hub also has superb, award winning delegations which will also have a chance to perform as their own performing troupe. In the case of the Americans, the “first choice” delegation represents the best in instrumental music programs of the American high school system.

A goal of “no venue under 5000 audience” has been set, along with a major performance obligation in Beijing. The Opening Ceremony is on the 8 August and we are planning to have some part in the various celebrations in and around Beijing between the 1-8 of August, 2008 as monitored by the Cultural Division of the Olympic Committee and the Ceremonies/Entertainment Divisions.

The members asked “first choice” to join the American delegation/Green Olympic Hub are known to me personally and have sparkling reputations. I hope you join us in this adventure, an opportunity of a lifetime for your student musicians, staff and you as a leader and educator.

Opportunities of this nature are rare and the effort put into this program will come back to you and your staf exponentially. I look forward to being with you in this profound contribution to world understanding via music and music education.

William R Lutt

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