Commissioning Projects

Commissioning Projects

World Projects is proud to provide commissioning opportunities and partnerships between composers and student ensembles.  Groups in attendance at World Projects festivals apply for the opportunity to work with the festival’s composer in residence. If selected, the group works directly with the composer in the creative process in order to develop the piece (~ 6 month process). The piece is then premiered by the commissioning group with the composer in the house at the festival’s major concert hall!

Through this Commissioning Project, World Projects aims to:

  • Promote the composition of notable new music
  • Promote emerging and established composers
  • Promote the collaboration between composer, conductor, and student performers
  • Bridge the gap between composers and young musicians
  • Inspire and mentor the next generation of student composers
  • Bring these World Premieres to a major concert hall
  • Provide a platform where these pieces can be published and kept alive through future performances

​”…[John Carnahan’s] piece “As Summer Passed” was excellent! This piece was composed to be accessible both in sound and difficulty for the students while still exposing them to contemporary music ideas such as the mixed meters and humming while playing. Not only that, the sound of the piece immediately appealed to the High School demographic. My students really liked the piece before coming to New York and, after meeting and working with John and learning more about the piece, they ended up LOVING the piece even more. This was one of the highlights of the whole trip for me because of the uniqueness of the experience from all other festivals and the quality of the workshop with the composer – John really knew how to get the most from the kids”
Eric Cousineau, Orchestra Director at Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass, Oregon​

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Check out our new Composers’ Corner newsletter! Through this series, World Projects hopes to break the barrier between composers and student ensembles and create a community for composers to exchange ideas and share strategies with other music educators.

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