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Customized Performance Tours provide an alternative to participating in a Festival, and can offer more flexibility in terms of time of year and where you wish to travel. World Projects is able to work with you to thoroughly customize any performance tour, based on what you would like included, and also what we can recommend to you.

One particular advantage of customized performance touring is the chance to be involved in exchange performances with local educational institutions. High schools and university’s in all touring destinations are always excited at the prospect of touring groups visiting their school and performing with their instrumental ensemble.

For international tours, cultural exchange is major focus of World Projects. It is important for students to interact with peers from other countries and cultures around the world, and this is often the highlight for many students touring overseas.

As well as preparing all of the ground arrangements for your group, World Projects is also able to offer competitive airfare rates, having developed relationships with major airlines around the world over the years. By taking all of the ‘touring; responsibilities off your shoulders, this allows you to focus on the most important element – the music!

On this website, you will find detailed information on the following customized tours. This is not all inclusive and should you wish to tour to a city or country not listed, please contact World Projects and we will work with you to create a tour to your chosen destination!

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