Travel and COVID-19

Current as of July 27, 2020
Travel opens up the world, offering exhilarating experiences in new locations and the ability to interact with people of different cultures, leading to better understanding and an education that cannot be delivered in books. Travel can also be unpredictable and worrisome for the parents / directors / school officials / organizations who have endorsed the tour, particularly in this day and age. World Projects has put together several documents pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic to assist groups and relay information on the subject.


1. How do we know if it is safe to travel?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of State (international tours) are two important institutions from which World Projects relies on information relating to travel. World Projects will routinely monitor the Health Travel Notices and Travel Advisories issued by these institutions and advise groups of the recommendations regarding travel leading up to the tour.

2. What guidelines do I need to follow?
World Projects asks that all travelers adhere to CDC guidelines, guidelines of the cities you are traveling to, guidelines of all vendors at the time of utilization, and guidelines issued from your school/organization. As guidelines will continue to change, World Projects suggests reviewing them regularly.

3. What precautions are being taken by the vendors we are utilizing on tour?
As your travel provider, World Projects is committed to compiling and sharing information from all vendors being utilized while on tour. These will be shared in a separate document that will be updated and distributed to the group leader throughout the planning process.

4. What precautions is World Projects taking to encourage health and safety while on tour?
World Projects will send a separate document to the group leader specifying the policies of specific vendors and locations specific to your tour. This document will be updated and distributed through the planning process. In addition to upholding vendor policies regarding health and safety, World Projects will do the following:

    a. Medical Supplies:
    World Projects asks that groups travel with their own medical supplies, including first-aid kits, masks, gloves, hand-sanitizer, thermometers, etc. World Projects staff will carry a first-aid-kit as a supplemental measure.
    b. Airports:
    World Projects recommends wearing a mask while in airports/on airplanes, tagging bags and instruments before arriving at the airport, and checking-in/going through security in chaperone groups as to discourage larger than necessary gatherings in confined spaces.
    c. Coaching:
    During the Festival, coaches will not have members from multiple groups on them. During the tour, only members assigned to a coach will be allowed to board, including World Projects staff.
    d. Hotel Check-In:
    During the Festival, groups will be assigned specific check-in and check-out times to discourage unnecessary congestion in the lobby. The same will apply for gathering times when being escorted to Festival events / sightseeing / meals.

    During the tour, where possible, room keys will be distributed prior to entering the hotel lobby so that travelers may enter the hotel in smaller groups and not congest the lobby unnecessarily.

    e. Breakfast:
    During Festival’s where breakfast is provided, groups will be assigned specific breakfast times to discourage unnecessary congestion in the breakfast room.
    f. Restaurants:
    Where possible, groups will be accommodated in private rooms / in their own section of restaurants and pre-orders will be encouraged to lessen touch points through menus and server interaction.
    g. Guided Tours:
    Where possible, guided tours will include individual headsets to more easily social distance while touring.
    h. Workshops:
    Workshops will be held in locations with ample space for a modified set-up if required by the group. Additional time will be allotted between groups so that World Projects staff may sanitize shared equipment, stands, and chairs.
    i. Exchange Rehearsals:
    Exchange rehearsals are a wonderful way for students to experience cultural exchange, however, it requires two groups of people to come together. World Projects is happy to facilitate exchange rehearsals so long as the two parties can agree to a mutual set of health and safety precautions, accompanied by World Projects sanitizing of shared equipment / stands / chairs.
    j. Audience:
    World Projects will sell/distribute tickets in line with venue requirements/suggestions. In some cases, this may result in smaller audience sizes to accommodate social distancing recommendations.
    k. World Projects Staff:
    World Projects Staff will be required to check their temperature each day and are prohibited from working while sick. Alternative Tour Managers will be on-call to step in should your primary Tour Manager fall sick. In addition, your World Projects Tour Manager is committed to upholding all CDC, city, and individual vendor guidelines while on tour, as well as those guidelines of your organization.

5. Does World Projects have a nurse on staff?
World Projects employees are not medical professionals / providers nor do they travel with them. In the event of a medical emergency, it will be the responsibility of the group leader to make decisions regarding the care of the individual and communicate directly with the individual’s parent or emergency contact. World Projects staff will assist the group by locating appropriate medical assistance and arranging transportation to the medical facility if required.

World Projects requires all members in the group to complete and sign Participant Liability Waiver & Release and Medical Authorization, Release & Waiver Agreement forms prior to departure. During the tour, World Projects staff will have copies of the medical forms should any medical assistance be required.

6. What if I get sick pre-tour and can’t travel?
World Projects understands that while your tour can take a year or more to plan for, getting sick can quickly ruin your plans. As your World Projects package does not include Cancellation Insurance and/or “Cancel For Any Reason” Insurance, some travelers may benefit from the peace of mind insurance can provide. Please visit the World Projects website for further information.

7. What if I get sick while on tour?
It is recommended that each organization have an internal policy in place in the event a traveler becomes ill / experiences a medical emergency. It will be the responsibility of the group leader to make decisions regarding the care of the individual and communicate directly with the individual’s parent or emergency contact. World Projects staff will assist the group by locating appropriate medical assistance and arranging transportation to the medical facility if required. All costs incurred during the medical emergency must be paid by the group when services are rendered.

Additionally, all members of US-based groups (within the 50 states) traveling with World Projects are covered by a post-departure travel protection policy through Travel Insured, which provides some emergency medical coverage while on tour. Please visit the following link for an overview of the included Group/Student Protection Plan: Student – Group Protection Plan – Post-Departure

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