Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We understand that your trip can take a year or more to prepare for but only a second to ruin. Thus, some travelers may benefit from the peace of mind insurance can provide.

Student Protection Plan (Post-Departure)

All members of US-based student groups (within the 50 states) traveling with World Projects are covered by a post-departure travel protection policy through Travel Insured. The policy provides emergency medical, trip delay, 24-hour assistance, and other valuable coverage while on tour. This policy does not include trip cancellation insurance. Please visit the following link for an overview of the included Student Protection Plan: Student Protection Plan – Post-Departure

Cancellation Insurance and “Cancel For Any Reason” Insurance (CFAR)

Individuals looking to protect their investment may wish to purchase additional coverage such as “Trip Cancellation” or “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance. World Projects and their employees are not insurance agents, providers, or experts, so we advise everyone to reach out to their trusted provider for further information. There are a number of resources such as World Travel Center, Allianz, RoamRight, AXA, and Travel Insured, or other travel insurance companies where travelers can ask questions and get more details about coverage options and costs. Coverage is optional and not included in your package. World Projects encourages individual travelers to consider whether CFAR insurance coverage is right for them. Each individual traveler’s situation is unique and travelers are encouraged to make the decision that will best meet their needs.

Musical Instrument Insurance

World Projects takes care to coordinate with airlines and ground transport to assure their proper handling of musical instruments but does not assume liability for damage to instruments that may occur during a group tour. We recommend that instrument owners establish coverage under an existing personal property insurance policy. Or, instrument owners may want to contact a company that specializes in musical instrument insurance such as Clarion Insurance at or Music Pro Insurance at Coverage is optional and not included in your package. World Projects encourages individuals to make the decision that is best for them individually.

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