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We understand that your trip can take a year to prepare for, but only a second to ruin. While you can’t do anything to prevent unforeseen illness, injury, inclement weather or being delayed due to an unexpected automobile accident en route to your destination, you can rest assured that you are protected when traveling on an International Tour with World Projects.

World Projects Corporation has purchased Travel Insured’s Student Deluxe travel protection plan on behalf of all travelers.

Please review your Description of Coverage for the specific Terms and Conditions of the World Projects Travel Protection Plan that will be included with your tour information. We also recommend that you take this document with you when you travel, as it contains valuable phone numbers should you require any emergency assistance while traveling. Detailed information along with an Enrollment Form for the Optional Trip Cancellation Protection will also be provided.

Please click here for a complete Description of Coverage of the Group/Student Protection Plan

Also, We are now able to offer additional medical and trip cancellation insurance via World Travel Center:

Please click Here to Visit the World Travel Center Website

Please Note:

When you arrive at the World Travel Center Website you have to select “International” or “Domestic” on the second screen after the “policy picker” screen.

This selection can be found by clicking on the “change trip profile” button at the top on the second screen after the “policy picker” screen.

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