Water Blooming by Brett Abigaña

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By Brett Abigaña

Water, Blooming was written for and premiered by the Epping Boys and Cheltenham Girls High Schools Wind Ensemble under Mr. Lindsay Frost at the Pacific Basin International Music Festival in Honolulu. It is a grade 4 and is approximately 5 minutes long. The piece is vaguely programmatic, tracing the journey of a single drop of oil as it is released from its origins deep within the wreck of the USS Arizona and makes its way upwards to the blinding sunlight of Pearl Harbor. There’s a sense of yearning in the melodic content of the piece, as if searching for something it can’t quite find, nor name. As the oil triumphantly spreads on the surface of the water, there is a final glance back to the darkness below, as ghostly fragments of the US Navy Hymn are heard from an off-stage vibraphone while new oil droplets form and are released.

Duration: 5 minutes
Grade Level: 4

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