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by Justin Casinghino

The text for Not but a Seed…, which was written by the composer, follows the growth of tree from a single seed, through its existence as a full-grown member of the forest around it. In the mind of the author/composer, this growth exists as a metaphor for two of the most important elements of life, family and the process of artistic creation. In each, the tiniest of particles is created from elements that it is initially unaware of. Over time, these tiny elements grow to become able to foster creation of their own, ultimately connecting into a single unending web. Musically, this concept is dealt with during the course of the piece, where the opening chord is used as a catalyst for melodic and harmonic expansion throughout. This sonority is also used at important goal points throughout the setting of the three–stanza text. The piece is set for SATB choir, with each section occasionally splitting by half. The work includes rich harmonies throughout, as well as melodic moments for each voice part to shine through. The clear linear progress of each voice, combined with the recurring sonorities mentioned above make this piece a rewarding and accessible musical undertaking. A rehearsal piano reduction is included in the vocal score.

Duration: 5 minutes
Grade Level: 4
Minimum Order: 10

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