RUMBLE! – (A Pugilistic Fugue)

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By John Alan Carnahan

Instrumentation: Wind Band
Grade Level: 4
Duration: 4.5 minutes

RUMBLE! – (A Pugilistic Fugue) is a rough and tumble musical representation of an unruly street fight in the 1930’s. From the gathering of both sides planning the attack to the pugilistic battle itself, the piece transforms throughout, utilizing traditional fugue form compositional techniques. The first subject is heard in the percussion followed by answers in the keyboards and winds. A second subject is stated in the low brass followed by other brass and woodwind expositions. The fun begins with alterations to the subjects (Inversion, Retrograde inversion, etc.) as the piece builds to a giant chorale to conclude the first half of the piece. The second half represents the fight scene as the adversaries quietly gather around before the mayhem. Many fugal techniques are incorporated into the construction of the piece at this point as things begin to get crazy! Small musical statements coming from earlier in the first half are randomly presented to create the feeling of a turbulent, unruly, fist-fighting mob. The piece relaxes for a moment, and then grows to a grand, final knockout!” – Note by John Carnahan

NYWBF23 premiere by Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Wind Symphony with Ted Shistle, Director
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